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Robert Lazar

Claiming to have worked with reverse-engineering flying saucers at S-4 near Area 51 in Nevada.


Bob Lazar Robert Scott Lazar, or Bob Lazar was born January 26, 1959 in Florida and is a man who claims to have worked at the S-4 installation near the famous Area 51. The controversy started when he released a video of him describing his involvement in investigating and reverse-engineering alien space crafts. He provides detailed information on how the UFO propulsion systems works and continues to claim that he has been briefed on several other classified topics such as "Project Looking glass", which is said to be a project related to time travel.

UFO Propulsion according to Lazar

Amplifying Gravity Waves is according to Lazar the way to go, with something called atomic element 115, or Ununpentium serving as a nuclear fuel. This element reportedly provided an anti gravity effect while bombarded with protons together with antimatter for production of energy.

When the force field of Element 115 nucleus was properly amplified, the gravitational effect would distort the space-time continuum intensely enough to shorten the distance and time it takes to travel a charted destination.

Lazar career at S-4

The claims are to have worked at the S-4 base between 1988 and 1989 as a physicist. He also claims to have seen nine different flying discs from the outside, and the inside of one of the discs. When first presented with the discs Bob Lazar claims to have believed they were nothing but secret terrestrial aircrafts whose test flights must have been responsible for many UFO reports.

The Bob Lazar Video's

The video with Robert Lazar explaining the details of his alleged work at S-4 was released in November 1989 and contains all the details of what he supposedly did while stationed there.

The Bob Lazar Video on YouTube

Here's another old clip discussing his claims: Bob Lazar passes the lie detector test on UFOs

The Bob Lazar Hoax

A UFO investigator named Stanton Friedman, and off course several skeptics, have performed background checks on Lazar. It does seem as he at least briefly worked at S-4, but not within the department Lazar claims. Furthermore his educational background does not match his claims of being an MIT graduate, there are no records of him attending MIT.

Dr. David L. Morgan, a well known debunker stated, regarding Bob Lazars testimony:
"After reading an account by Bob Lazar of the "physics" of his Area 51 UFO propulsion system, my conclusion is this: Mr. Lazar presents a scenario which, if it is correct, violates a whole handful of currently accepted physical theories. That in and of itself does not necessarily mean that his scenario is impossible. But the presentation of the scenario by Lazar is troubling from a scientific standpoint. Mr. Lazar on many occasions demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding of current physical theories."

The Robert Lazar Defense

Bob Lazar himself claims the student records, and employment records of his has been erased by the government as a way of trying discredit him.

Though lie detectors are not valid as proof in the legal system, Lazar did pass a lie detector test.

In this radio interview from 2009 in Coast to Coast AM he seems to not be very worried in trying to validate his claims, and he has a few points that counters the debunking of his claims. Successful or not, you decide. Radio interview in Coast to Coast AM, 15th of Nov 2009 (Part 1)

Another web page dealing with the physics of hyperspace or warp drive mentions that the Lazar description of UFO propulsion systems may not be all that far from the truth. The site in question, though quite horrible design, seem to originate from a physicist named Ken Wright.

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