Expose the truth

DR. Steven M. Greer

Founder of the Disclosure Project, Doctor of Medicine, ufologist, and lecturer.

Dr. Steven M Greer Summary

Dr. Steven M. Greer. (Picture fromWikiPedia)Greer was born in June 28th 1955, and in 1987 he received the degree doctor of medicine from the James H. Quillen College of Medicine.

Steven claims to be a contactee and coined the expression "close encounter of the fifth kind" describing human-initiated contact with extraterrestrials.

Dr. Steven M. Greer frequently organize courses in how to initiate contact with alien visitors.

Center for the Study of Extraterrestial Intelligence, founded by Greer

CSETI was founded by Greer in 1990, it is a non profit international organisation dedicated to increase the knowledge about extraterrestrial intelligence. The organisation also holds courses on how to become an ambassador to the universe.

Disclosure Project, also founded by Steven Greer

The Disclosure Project was founded by Steven Greer in 1992. It is a nonprofit research organisation. The organisation claims to have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses, testifying that

  • The U.S government has knowledge about UFO's but denies it.
  • The U.S government has acquired technology from advanced extraterrestrial aliens
  • Several so called "black projects" are in fact directly involved in handling extraterrestrial technology
  • U.S suppresses some technology, such as "free energy" as to not upset the global oil industry.

More information about the Disclosure Project can be found on our page about the Disclosure Project..

Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), founded by, guess who, Greer

From official site:Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power.

The official site aero2012.com seems to not be up anymore.

Orion Project.. oh well, Greer is responsible for this also

At first look the Orion Project looks very much like AERO, that is researching and developing new effective and environmental-friendly energy sources. Read more at the official site TheOrionProject.org.

Greer Appearances

Steven Greer is a frequent name in many UFO documentaries and has appeared on Larry King.

In most of the documentaries he appears in he gives of statements that easily could be seen as credible, but on the other hand we have all the seminars and talks where he brings up meditation and other issues more fitting in a new age book store.

Here's Dr. Steven Greer at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009.
Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence

Steven Greer, hoax or real?

Listening to Steven speak about initiating contact with aliens can give the impression that some of the close encounters are nothing but lights in the sky, and/or of spiritual nature and not real physical interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

Some attendees at the courses arranged by Greer claims that he sees and hears aliens everywhere even when it's clearly natural sounds such as owls howling or blinking lights from an airplane.

One step of initiating contact is meditation, which for some can make it seem more like a seance than contacting an advanced race of beings from outer space.


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DR. Steven M. Greer
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Authored by: Jamess aleen on Wednesday, February 19 2014 @ 01:38 PM CET
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