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Going through the enormous jungle of information regarding the ufo phenomenon on the internet, it quickly becomes obvious that the vast majority of sites have a larger amount of myths and speculation than they have facts and unbiased views on the matter. This, unfortunately, goes for both debunker, skeptical and believer sites making it almost impossible to form an opinion based on facts rather than hearsay.


Our purpose is to allow our readers to form their own opinions using facts instead of the widely spread myths that most sites are built upon. We will publish as much information as we possibly can and in the process try to filter out rumors, myths and superstition.


Our goal is to be the best source of information regarding the UFO phenomenon online, both for skeptics and believers. We will achieve this goal by moderate the content in close cooperation with both skeptics and believers to make sure the information is factual and unbiased.

What are UFO's?

UFO stands for unidentified flying object, which at the current point is all it is. While the majority of UFO reports can be explained by natural phenomenon, hoaxes and misinterpretation there are some cases that has not yet been identified or explained, those are the cases this site will focus on. We will try to present you with the truth, nothing but the truth and hard facts as they unfold.

Extraterrestrial and alien visitation

The most popular theory is that some UFO's are alien crafts visiting earth, and while we cannot prove that theory to be false, we cannot disprove it either. That said, there is a large amount of witnesses claiming to have seen extraterrestrial beings which should indicate that the matter is worthwhile to investigate. In the end, it's up to you to choose what you believe, but don't make that choice based on the false information that the majority of UFO sites contain. Don't ever trust everything you read unless you can verify the source, and use your common sense.

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To be covered

Articles that are coming soon, currently in planning or production

Roger Leir Dead

Roger Leir, a man claiming to have surgically removed alien implants from people died March 14th 2014.

Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber, born June 13th in San Antonia, Texas. He is an author of several book where the most known is "Communion", and the film version was released in 1989.

Richard C. Hoagland

Richard C Hoagland, born 1945 in New Jersey, former employee of Nasa. Richard C Hoagland is the person most associated with the "Face of Mars", and claims that the U.S government and Nasa conspire to keep the evidence of lost pre-historic civilizations on the Moon, Mars and on some of Jupiter Moons.

Disclosure Implications

Are there valid reasons to keep information about extraterrestrial contact secret? This article is strictly hypothetical but may contain some important keys in understanding the secrecy behind possible government interaction with extraterrestrial beings.

Roger Leir

Dr. Roger Leir (1934 - March 14 2014) in California claimed he extracted alien implants from alien abduction victims. The implants are said to emit radio signals and to have have some pretty strange features.

Jerusalem, 28th of Jan. 2011

These videos was posted on YouTube and caused global attention to be directed towards the videos showing the UFO from different viewpoints.

Current State of Disclosure

We aim to keep this article updated with a list of countries releasing ufo documents to the public, and information regarding the possible but unlikely official disclosure and the disclosure movement.

DR. Steven M. Greer

Founder of the Disclosure Project, Doctor of Medicine, ufologist, and lecturer.

The Disclosure Project

Aims to press the U.S government to release all knowledge of the UFO phenomenon to the public

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